Winter Term Classrooms

Teaching in person in the winter term? Wondering what classroom you are in? Check out the Nexus PACE Instructor Communication Portal. An announcement was added to the home page showing what room each program intake is using and what A/V equipment is in the room.

If you are teaching in person, be sure that you have requested your university ID card!

Open House for Winter Term Instructors

Invitations are going out today for in person Winter Term instructors to attend an open house on December 9. Mark your calendar for this come and go event!

Besides being able to see the classrooms space and A/V equipment, Winter Term instructors can also pick up their ID cards and get the vaccination confirmation stickers at the event.

BUT you must order your card in advance! Cannot stress that enough, check your emails for instructions and apply online to get your card; then come to the event and pick it up!

Teaching in winter term?

Are you teaching a course in the PACE full time programs in the winter term? You should have received an email with instructions on how to obtain your university ID card and vaccination confirmation. If you did not receive the email, and you are sure you are teaching in the full time program, reach out and we will get the email sent to you.

If you do not have a university ID card marked with confirmation of your vaccination status, you will not be able to enter the university complex in January. So, get your card!

Common questions that are coming up include:

Will I need to wear a mask when I actively teach?

The answer is ‘no’ IF you are behind a barrier or are at least 2-metres away from the nearest person. You will need a mask to enter the buildings and in all common areas (examples hallways, washrooms). Want to know more on that? Look here for the University’s Mask Mandate.

Will my in person class still be split into ‘lecture’ and ‘independent’ class time?

No. Full time courses returning to the classroom will return to the pre-pandemic format of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with lunch and coffee breaks. Students have been instructed to prepare for this, and instructors should also plan the day accordingly.

My course starts online in December, will it transition to in person come January?

No, classes that are starting in December, in the remote format, will remain online for the duration of the course, including any testing (if applicable).

I teach in the part time program, will I be required to deliver my course in person at the university?

No, part time courses will remain in the online or blended format.

I have never been inside the PACE classrooms, what can I expect?

All PACE classrooms have a computer workstation and projector for the instructor. The computers use Windows and are equipped with MS Office, they are connected to the internet; no log in is required. All classrooms have whiteboards, with flip charts available upon request. Some classrooms are equipped with Smartboards. As we continue to plan for our transition to the classroom, for those interested, we will arrange for you to be able to see the classrooms in advance, and show you how to use the computer and Smartboard (if applicable).

We hope that the new year sees us continue down the path to return to ‘normal’, whatever new format that may look like. As all of us are transitioning into this changed classroom delivery, there will be questions and concern. Be sure to bring those forward and we will work with you to make your course a success!