Moving away from exams

I just finished reading this article from BC on removing exams from a first year physics course:

The instructor supplemented the course assessments by having students record a video of themselves explaining concepts that are in the assignments!

Would this work at PACE? For sure!

Nexus assignment drop boxes can receive any electronic file (with the caveat that there is a size limit), and all of our full time students take Effective Oral Communication where they record themselves and upload the recordings – ie. our students know how to do this already!

The article author points out that this has NOT stopped academic misconduct, but it has prevented it, somewhat, but has had a positive impact on the course.

The article is well worth the 5 minute read and the idea would be worth exploring in your course.

What’s special in your class?

When I’m out at a restaurant, back when we could do such things, I always look for something on the menu that I can’t make myself, something special that is beyond the norm.  Being in a classroom, whether it’s through Zoom or face to face is a similar experience: what is special about being with this instructor?  If an instructor is going to just read the textbook to the class, or read slides at length, there is no value to the student.

Always plan your class so there is a value to the student.  Students can read the textbook for themselves, it is the exercises and activities, the explanations and the stories, that instructors plan into the session that add value to students.

As you plan your next class, be sure to have a look and make sure there is something special on the menu for students.

Nexus – Student View

Did you know that in Nexus there is a difference between the instructor view and the student view?

If you want to see your Nexus course the way students will, you need to change your setting.

When you are on your course site, look in the top right where you will see your name and icon / picture if you have added on. Click on your name and a menu opens to allow you to select “View as student”. Click that button and you are returned to the Course Home Page and viewing as the student sees the material; click on Content, Assessments, etc. to check on what students will see on each page.

To return to instructor view, reverse the steps. Click on your name, and click the X that appears beside “Viewing as Student”.