Checklists – Nexus

Continuing on with checklists, Nexus is the backbone of delivering any course.  While Zoom is used right now to meet with students, Nexus provides the ability to share content, have discussion boards, receive assignments, and communicate with your course, regardless of being in person or remote.  There are certain features that every PACE instructor should ensure they can use, and a few that are in the ‘extra’ category that are good to know.

Before your next course, review this list and ensure that you can say ‘yes’ to everything.  I’ve broken them into areas to help track the different parts:


  • Is your Nexus account set up and active?
  • Can you find your course?
  • Course Home Page
  • Make an announcement on the course home page?


  • Can you create a sub-module (folder)?
  • Can you upload files?
    • If you want to go farther, Can you add dates to restrict access?
  • Add a link?
  • Add a description? 
    • Using the folder description area is the recommended location for each day’s agenda in full time courses

Communication – Discussions

  • Can you create a forum?
  • Can you create a topic?
  • Can you start or add to a thread?

Communication – Groups

  • Can you create student groups?

Assessments – Grades

  • Can you enter grades?

Assessments – Assignments

  • Can you create an assignment drop box?
    • Do you know how to set dates and make the Assignment drop box visible?
  • Do you know how to add annotations?
  • OR how to download and upload submissions?

Assessments – Quizzes

  • Can you find the quiz marks?
  • Can you mark a quiz?
    • If you want to go farther, Can you find the quiz statistics?


  • Can you send a Nexus email?

If you can do all these things, you are well on your way! If any of this is unfamiliar to you, reach out and we will get you up to speed.