Checklists – Zoom

Who doesn’t love a checklist? An easy way to see at a glance what you need to do or what you need for a task. With remote classes going to be continuing for awhile, it’s worth taking the time to look at parts of remote teaching and ensure that your questions are answered and you are ready for your class.

Consider Zoom. There are certain features that every instructor should be able to use to make their class run efficiently and effectively. Let’s break that down into a checklist:

-Is University Zoom account set up?

-Able to schedule meeting?

-Able to share invitation?

-Can manage waiting room?

-Can disable waiting room?

-Can assign a co-host?

-Able to share screen?

-Able to view and type in chat?

-Able to Create breakout rooms?

-Can open and close breakout rooms?

-Can create a poll?

-Able to Open, close and display poll results?

-Able to mute participants?

-Able to hide self view?

-Able to switch from gallery to speaker view?

If you can do all these things, you are well on your way. If you answered ‘no’ to anyone of them, consider looking at for tips and instructions, or look at the Nexus PACE Instructor Communication Portal for information. The Portal also has a recording from a PD session on how to use Zoom tools to improve your class, give it a watch.

Lastly, note that the University Zoom accounts have controls placed on them that limit some of the functionality, such as sharing content and breakout rooms, it’s a good idea to try these things out first to ensure you know how they work exactly if you are using the UW licence.

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