Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

One year in, getting tired of it? At least some people are. A Stanford University professor did a study of the impacts of Zoom on participants. What’s really great about this article summarizing his research is that it also offers solutions: https://news.stanford.edu/2021/02/23/four-causes-zoom-fatigue-solutions/

Big thank you to Cate F. from our instructor team for sharing that.

Val B., a PACE student and UWSA rep, also shared a resource this past week. This one is a video from Zoom on the tools: https://success.zoom.us/rec/play/btsoW7wcI8ZqxugNODaJTZabyJVkpp0XfZu6dcxClwJtIvJfDXDwy-fhLN_wTXm_dQY7yhg50ICVzCyZ.4pJr4DttdI-R6vr1?autoplay=true

What’s nice about that video is the combination with a searchable transcript to help move through the video to topics you need.

Just remember that some tools are not available if you are using the UW Zoom account.

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