Making our current experience the best for our students

Macleans magazine has an outstanding article out this week discussing how our current experience with online learning can be just as good, or better, than face to face instruction, with the right planning, design, and assessments from the instructor.

The article can be read on their website here.

There is a terrific discussion of the evolution of online learning and the development of teaching theory related to those development.

It is well worth a read by every PACE instructor as we look to our fall start just around the corner.

Help, I need to make a video!

As we move into the fall classes and continue with completely remote delivery, a number of instructors have asked about making videos to put on Nexus as supplements for the live class time. The big question: how can I do that? What can I use to make a video?

I’m in now way an expert, but I can offer three simple solutions:

  1. Software
    There is lots of software that will use a built in or attached camera to build a movie. I use Quicktime for this. It came built in with my Mac, it is easy to use and lets me record either a video of me talking, or a screen capture where I speak about what is on the computer screen and record that.
  2. Zoom
    You could use Zoom to record a video if you wanted. If you’ve been using Zoom these past few months, you can screen share what ever you want to show while speaking to it and record that.
  3. PowerPoint
    PowerPoint has a built in feature to record the show, recording you speaking to the slides while you go through the slide deck. You save it, and upload it. Each slide then has a voice over that goes with it. To make it work, students have to download the file and play it, they then get to hear your voice speaking to each slide.

Besides just talking to a video, consider using a camera to record a field trip. We can’t get together with our students right now, but we could still take them places and show them something related to our course.

Some quick ideas to get you going as we look ahead to the fall start with new intakes coming online.