Things I’ve Learned – Five

My course with U Calgary is wrapping up, putting everything into practice and trying out different ways of delivering materials to see how it works.

For each of the course assignments, we are using a form of a storyboard. A storyboard is a visual of what you are going to deliver in a session, and there are many ways to set them up. There are some available online specifically for working with the Articulate software:

The one we are using is relatively straight forward:

The left hand column has a visual of what will be displayed on the screen of the virtual classroom, the timing column denotes the number of minutes spent on that visual, the facilitator column is the script, what is being said to the class, the producer column in the technical directions. Technical directions may be to open a poll, close a poll, monitor chat, advance slide, etc..

Very few of us at PACE have the luxury of a producer, but I still found it valuable to fill in as I have the document with me during my teaching session and the column acts a cue for all those things that need to be done.

When I first started teaching, I had used a form of storyboard, but as PPT became more common and had a notes section, I got away from it. Now that I’m learning to adapt to the new way of teaching, I’m finding a huge value in going back to having a storyboard for designing and delivering my session.

You can learn more about them, and this specific model here:

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