Does sourcing matter for instructors?

As instructors, putting together a lesson plan or a handout takes a lot of time, and it’s easy to skimp on something like putting in the source for materials that are included.  But that’s okay, right?  Or can it cause problems?

I think you can guess that it causes problems, why else mention it?  Okay, so that’s obvious.  The news out of Hanover School Division, Pembina Trails School Division, etc., sparked the thought of a reminder about copyright rules.  The University of Winnipeg has a copyright office, who are always happy to answer questions, and who have put together some great materials on their web page:

It’s important to remember that instructors have to provide sources for materials we use, especially when posted to Nexus, and that we abide by the ‘fair dealing’ rules from the Copyright Act.

If you missed the news piece on the local school divisions and what they are experiencing, you can check it out here:


Going Green: Reducing Printing

Over the past few years, the University of Winnipeg has committed to reducing its environmental impact.  You may have noticed in our buildings bins for the collection of compostable materials to reduce landfill input or the collection of plastic bags to recycle them.  As part of the University efforts, for 2020, PACE wants to reduce the amount of materials that we print for ourselves and by instructors.

Nexus is great way to share materials with students.  It is mandatory in all courses for full time program; materials can be uploaded for students to view instead of printing.  For part time courses, Nexus is optional and can be easily set up with prior notice to allow instructors to share materials with their class.   In either case, materials can be controlled on when they are released to students, from time limits to attendance or answering questions!

Nexus also has a quiz feature that can be used in place of printing quizzes.  It has several advantages that make it great to use: it is timed controlled, it randomized questions, it can mark itself, students get their grade right away!

Information on using Nexus for either purpose is available through the Nexus PACE Instructor Portal, or by contacting the Academic Program Manager (me!).

Take the time to consider your printing needs and consider how you can contribute to reducing printing for 2020.